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Hey, Casul again with the final article of the “Meet the …” series, where this time I’ll be talking about the DPS role. I’ve had to take a different approach to this article in comparison to the previous two, focusing on different sub-roles of the DPS class rather than individually analysing around 15 different heroes.

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The role of DPS is much more diverse compared to Tanks and Supports; with DPS being able to be divided up into many sub-roles each with their own unique play-style, but all with the common goal of securing as many eliminations as possible.

However it is important to remember that being the DPS does not mean you should try kill everything that moves! Using your ultimate to get 3 kills while the rest of your team is dead won’t often help. A DPS needs to be tactile, and strategically choose to kill enemies of highest priority first. In doing so you might not get as many kills, but you will be a much more favourable and effective player for your team.

Role Breakdown



These heroes acts as a persistent menace whose main aim is to cause pandemonium within the enemy team, hindering them in coordinated play. This can be achieved by either being an agile infiltrator or hindering a teams set up with abilities such Mei’s Ice wall, various knockbacks, and Sombra’s Hack.


  • Always monitor the position of the enemy team. Look out for subtle mistakes they might make and how you can capitalize on them.
  • Make sure you communicate with your team, giving them notice on your orchestrated disruption. In doing so they’ll be able to provide the firepower you may lack to destroy a fractured team.
  • Be sure to take advantage of your surroundings. Knocking a few enemies off of the high ground away from their team will often mean they are left with no easy way back or cause their whole team to follow them down, making them leave an advantageous position.



Assassins are the heroes who excel at singling out and killing a high priority target in a very short period of time. Assassins often leave their target no chance to escape, and can often secure the kill before they or their team even have time to react.


  • Be sure to choose a target who is of high priority to kill; healers with defensive ultimates such as Lucio, Zenyatta and Mercy are obvious choices, as removing then will quickly weight a team fight in your favour.
  • Once you’ve chosen your target, monitor their positioning and place yourself where you have clear line of sight with them while also covering their exits. For snipers, this is normally an elevated point towards the side of the opposing team, while for flankers this will be behind the enemy.

Big Hitters

Big Hitters is used to describe the heroes who have the highest damage per second. Capable of being able to pump a huge amount of damage into one area and annihilate any shields and any bunched-up targets which may be hiding behind them. Unlike other DPS heroes, Big Hitters aren’t too reliant on accuracy; as long as they focus fire, they will be able to prevent defensive set ups by wreaking havoc on stationary targets.


  • Make sure to stay with your team; even though your damage output is high, all of the Big Hitters have easily exploitable weaknesses. Sticking together makes you much harder to be singled out and effectively nullifies your weakness.
  • Having high DPS and lackluster accuracy, bulky targets such as tanks are your main target. More so, both Reinhardt and Winston rely heavily on their shields and so by removing them they are left almost useless.

Area Denial


Best used on defense, these heroes are the ones who can lockdown an area of the map and control the enemies movement through it. Most of these heroes are very stationary and in general combat not considered the strongest, but truly dominate in areas that they have under their control.


  • Be sure to set up and control a zone in which lots of the enemy are likely to pass through, be this the main chokepoint or a common flanking route, such as those on the Temple of Anubis. This makes the Area Denial heroes a strong pick on control points when your defence is stationary and you have time to set up.
  • Try and communicate with your team to position yourselfs in such a way that the enemy team are funneled into the area you control, as once they enter, the odds are in your favour.

Close Combat


Place any of these heroes in a confined space with an enemy, and you can be certain the close range hero will come out on top. They provide massive damage up close, tearing through both Tanks and Squishies with ease. Close Combat heroes normally have the advantage on attack, where you can tailor your attacking route to include as many tight spaces possible.


  • In open areas, stick alongside tanks, such as Reinhardt or D.Va, who will protect you as you close the gap between yourself and the opposing team.
  • When attempting to flank, resist the urge to shoot at the enemy early. Close the gap between you and them as much as possible before the enemy are aware of you to maximise your damage.



As the name implies, these heroes are effective in almost all DPS roles, and due to this they are not hard-countered by many heroes either. They are best used in situations when you are unsure about the enemies composition and where you need to specialise against them. This makes them great choices to fill in the DPS slots at the start of a game.


  • As you are the jack of all trades when it comes to Overwatch, it means you can deal with almost every other hero effectively, so be sure to listen to your team and focus fire who ever is being targeted or more importantly discorded.
  • During a game be sure to check the opponent’s composition, if they have any big weaknesses that aren’t being exploited it may be best for you to change to a role that specialises in such an exploit.

And thats it, hope you enjoyed meeting the Overwatch cast! Let me know in the comments how you found the series and if you have any suggestions for what you’d like me to cover in the future!


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