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Hi there, Casul here! With this article I’m starting off a “Meet the …” series in which we will be discussing each of Overwatch’s roles (Support, Tank and DPS), and giving advice, tips and tricks on how to get the best out of each one.


A support’s role can be quickly summed up as “The player who helps keep the rest of their team at the front lines of the fight for as long as possible”; be this by either extending allies lives through healing, or bringing them back into the fight quicker after they die.

Hero Breakdown



Ana is a ranged solo healer with a very high skill cap. With the correct combos she is capable of out-healing all other supports (in terms of healing per second), while at the same time causing disruption to the opposing team with her sleep dart and fear-inducing ultimate ability.

Advanced Tips:

  • Coordinate having your grenade ready for when your teammates ult, so you are prepared to counter Zenyatta’s Transcendence .
  • Let your team know before you sleep a target, to ensure that they don’t get woken up the second they go under.



Mercy is the most healing orientated support, capable of rapidly healing single targets and quickly moving between teammates, making her a great candidate if a team is only running one support. However her weakness is her lack of ability to deal damage, and must often rely on her team for protection.

Advanced Tips:

  • If the enemies’ ultimates are incoming, hide and stop healing. (Your beam quickly gives away your position)
  • I’d recommend changing Mercy’s flight from toggle to hold, giving you more control in how far you travel to an ally, meaning you are less likely to overshoot cover.
  • Be careful in using Guardian Angel for the whole duration of a descent; it slows down your movement and makes you an easy Widowmaker target.



Zenyatta is an offense-focused support, having a naturally high DPS alongside his discord orbs, he is able bring down the bulkiest of foes with ease. Even though his healing may lack compared to other supports his ultimate “Transcendence” can negate almost any enemy ultimate and also keep him in the running for the gold healing medal.

Advanced Tips:

  • Make sure to call out who you are discording and their position over the team comms. Having your team focus on them will cause the enemy to melt away one by one.
  • You are immune to damage during Transcendence, so by body blocking in front of a McCree you can absorb all shots of his High Noon.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop your ultimate early on a push. The fact you have doubled movement speed means that you can catch up to a team fight or even hang onto overtime.
  • Your discord orbs can also act as a soft wallhack, allowing you to line up those charged headshots from around a corner.



Lucio is an aura based support, providing his choice of healing or a speed boost to all teammates within his line of sight. Thanks to his speed boost and wall-riding ability Lucio is the most mobile of all heroes, having all areas of the map accessible to him given enough practice.

Advanced Tips:

  • Group your team into line of sight when using your Sound Barrier and ensure you have speed boost enabled for the whole duration. It should also be kept in mind that your line of sight goes through the payload too!
  • If you have a Zenyatta on your team, coordinate with each other who will ultimate in certain situations. This prevents both ults being used simultaneously.
  • Watch Professor Ganymedes’ video series, he covers almost everything you need to know about how to play Lucio.



Symmetra is a unique support who could be argued to be a defense character due to her lack of healing abilities. Her main method of protecting her team is by using her turrets in chokepoints or flanking routes to slow and alert her of any enemies who may be passing through them.

Advanced Tips:

  • Try and save your teleporter for when more than one teammate is respawning (Wait until the respawn timer is around 75% done). This prevents your teleporter getting hunted down and destroyed before anyone can use it.
  • Spread your turrets out and use them for intel on flanker’s positions. It’s much more effective using them to slow enemies, rather than attempting to kill them with all 6 turrets in one room.

Check back in a week when we’ll take a look at the Tank role. See you next time!

Brent Rambo

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