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Magic: The Gathering Arena Campus Battle – The Top 3

The biggest prize pool in the history of the NUEL is almost ready to be claimed, with only three teams left vying for the biggest share of it. Sheffield Steel Hellkites, FieldsBadMan (Warwick University), and TeamFirstPickBear (Royal Holloway) are all that remains of our starting 43 teams, after battling their way through 7 weeks of swiss and 4 weeks of double elimination playoffs.

Sheffield Steel Hellkites – University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield’s “Sheffield Steel Hellkites” are our first grand finalists, taking themselves all the way through the upper bracket after going 10-4 in the swiss season, beating their sister team “Sheffield of Ruin” along the way in a nail biting 2-1 series. They didn’t stop bringing it down to the wire either, taking the upper bracket final to 2-1 against FieldsBadMan, in two excruciatingly long UW Control vs Temur Reclamation match ups that they just managed to come out on top of. With their spot in the grand finals secure, they have the longest of the three teams to focus on perfecting their line up to maximise their chances on the 12th.

FieldsBadMan – Warwick University

Our second team, narrowly beaten out by Sheffield in the Upper Bracket Final, are Warwick University’s FieldsBadMan, another member of the 10-4 club and 3rd seed coming into the playoffs. Their run through the upper bracket was strong, besting formidable opponents in UEA Wizards and Jundee, both teams to ended in the top 8. They’re at the forefront of meta analysis, using Jlobblets analysis tool to bring everyone up to speed on the breakdown of decks played each week. Their strong showing both in the swiss season, and throughout the playoffs so far, should send them into the lower bracket finals with confidence they can get their rematch with Sheffield in the grand finals.

Team First Pick Bear – Royal Holloway University

Our final team is First Pick Bear from Royal Holloway, coming into playoffs as the 25th seed with a 6-8 record in swiss. Their run through the playoffs has meant overcoming strong teams, the likes of Nottingham’s “Robbers of the 12k”, Sussex’s “Baleful SusStrix”, and “Edinburgh Eldrazi”. Their underdog story through the playoffs has got more and more exciting with each win, can they complete it by beating Warwick in the lower bracket finals and earning a shot at the Grand Final.

Watch the battle for the £40,000 prize pool on Sunday April 12th at 19:15 over on twitch.tv/theNUEL!

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