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LoL Championship: Qualification Roundup


The NUEL League of Legends National Championship is back in glorious form with university teams going head to head to see who is the cream of the crop. With the first week’s games concluded we take a look at the top six from each region, the top four from each region qualifying for the top group in the National League.

At The Top


1st Leeds A (University of Leeds)
2nd Meet Your Manchester Met (Manchester Metropolitan University)
3rd U Watt Bruh (Heriot-Watt University)
4th Manchester Bunnies (University of Manchester)
5th Huddersfield White (University of Huddersfield)
6th University of Edinburgh A (University of Edinburgh)

Leeds took the final against Manchester Met making them the Kings of the North for Week One at least. “University of Edinburgh A” look to be the metaphorical flower of Scotland while the “Manchester Bunnies” join their runners-up brethren in the top six. “U Watt Bruh” and Summer Tournament winners “Huddersfield White” are also in contention. We’ll see if they can keep their form.


1st Aston Aunties (Aston University)
2nd StaffsEnerds (Staffordshire University)
3rd University of Birmingham Storm (University of Birmingham)
4th DeMontfort’s Final Hour (De Montfort University)
5th LiftBras (Loughborough University)
6th BG Unlucky Team (Birmingham City University)

The battle for control of the Midlands tournament saw much Birmingham blood spilled. Indeed, “University of Birmingham Storm” had to fend off a team of their own “UoB Tempest” to get their clutches on 3rd for the week. “BG Unlucky Team” of Birmingham City University managed to defeat last year’s winners, the newly christened “Nottingham Krakens”, to join their rivals in the top six. Loughborough’s “LiftBras” fended off yet another University of Birmingham team, “UoB Monsoon”, managing to weather the storm (see what I did there?) and come up trumps for 5th. “DeMontfort’s Final Hour” were able to defeat the “SHU Tigers” to secure 4th. “StaffsEnerds” made it to this week’s final but were defeated by the “Aston Aunties” making Aston University this week’s winners. I hope they’ve brought their raincoats.

South West

1st Portsmouth White (University of Portsmouth)
2nd USW Dragons (University of South Wales)
3rd Sussex Offenders (University of Sussex)
4th Swansea Sea Swans (Swansea University)
5th GuckFiles (University of Exeter)
6th Droolio and the Gang (University of Bath)

The South West caught a case of Welsh pride. “USW Dragons” finished in 2nd, only defeated by “Portsmouth White”. Swansea University put in a good showing with two teams getting into the top ten, but only the “Swansea Sea Swans” were able to claim a place in the top six, securing 4th. They were joined by the “GuckFiles” of Exeter in 5th and “Droolio and the Gang” from Bath riding their Summer Tournament form in 6th. The “Sussex Offenders” are sitting pretty in 3rd. “Portsmouth White” are your Week One champions of the South West.

London and Surroundings

1st Cambridge Memers (University of Cambridge)
2nd Grey Warwick (University of Warwick)
3rd Selling Kentamine (University of Kent)
4th UEA Memers (University of East Anglia)
5th We Are Surrey (University of Surrey)
6th UKC Kittens (University of Kent)

London and Surroundings (surroundings in its broadest terms, sorry East Anglia) saw the “Cambridge Memers” take top spot after defeating Grey Warwick in their regional final. University of Kent managed to sneak two teams into the top six with the “UKC Kittens” claiming 6th and “Selling Kentamine” jumping into 3rd. Separating them are the “UEA Memers” and “We Are Surrey”. Congratulations to “We Are Surrey” for defeating another team, “Surrey I Lagged”, from their own university to claim their spot, showing that with friends like these who needs enemies?


Congratulations to the teams that made it into the top six of each region as well as the top sixteen of each region that have made it to the National League. A special mention has to go to the following universities for managing to get the most teams into the national league.

University of Birmingham 4
University of Kent 3
Sheffield Hallam University 3
University of Strathclyde 2
De Montfort University 2
University of Lincoln 2
Swansea University 2
University of Exeter 2
Bournemouth University 2
University of Surrey 2
Brunel University 2
University of Hull 2

As qualification ends, the Regional Leagues and National League begin. The excitement is palpable. The second week’s games start this Sunday at 6:45pm with the captains’ meeting at 6:30pm. The teams in the Regional Leagues will be sorted into groups, moving up or down depending on results. With the possibility of promotion coming every two weeks everything is to play for. If your team has made it into the National League then your groups and fixtures are already up! See you on the Rift.

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