NUEL Live: Society Revenue Sharing

Six and a half years ago we at the NUEL ran our first ever tournament and since then we’ve seen university esports boom. From the Roses varsity between the universities of Lancaster and York, to the UoM Esports Society’s “King of the North” tournament, the scene has kept on growing. In large part that’s due to the hard work and dedication of university societies. Many of you have fought tooth and nail to convince student unions and universities of the merits of your society in the face of disbelief, ridicule, or both. We now have close to 90 societies that are either dedicated to, or support esports, represented across our tournaments. That’s testament to your willingness to push forward despite these setbacks.

We will continue to play our part and provide a platform for you all to enjoy competing on. But now we want to do something more. So to all the societies who dedicate their evenings and weekends to organising teams, putting on events and creating a community. We want to offer you a revenue share.

How the Revenue Share works

Buy your NUEL Live ticket through your society and we’ll share 10% of the ticket price with your society, meaning you’ll help contribute to your society’s budget so they can put on more awesome events next term, buy equipment or provide a prize pool for your next society tournament.

Your NUEL rep will have a link which you’ll need to use for your ticket to be eligible, so get in touch with them now and help support your society.

If you’re a rep and don’t have a link yet, contact Sentricity (Peter Cole) either on Facebook, Discord (NUEL Sentricity#7353) or Email (

Hang on, what’s NUEL Live?

It’s your chance to show off your skills, watch live esports and learn about careers in the industry. There’s a load of activities and opportunities to meet the people you’ve been playing with all season in person.

For a full display of what’s on offer check out our event page.

Look forward to seeing you in Birmingham!


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