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The NUEL and UK University Valorant partnership

NUEL UK Uni Valorant Announcement

Since the Valorant closed beta, a group of passionate students going by the name of ‘UK University Valorant’ have been building an equally passionate community around the game. They’ve held regular 10-mans, run a popular and competitive tournament with live broadcasts, and are continuing to explore ways to grow the student Valorant scene in the UK.

At The NUEL we love the game too, and we’re really excited to run our own Valorant tournament. But we also wanted to find a way of supporting such an active and dedicated community.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that UK University Valorant is now a ‘NUEL Partner’. 

What does this mean?

Starting with the Summer season, UK University Valorant will run their student tournaments on the NUEL website. The tournaments will still be managed by the UK University Valorant team, and the NUEL will provide logistical and prizing support. Both the NUEL and UK University Valorant will promote each other’s activities, and work together to identify more opportunities for collaboration.

Signups are now open for the UK University Valorant Summer season, which you can find on the NUEL website here. Matches will be on Thursdays at 7pm, starting June 25th. 

The NUEL will still run its own Valorant tournaments, which you can find more information on here. Feel free to pick whichever is most convenient for you, or play in both!

UK University Valorant will of course remain independent and run a range of activities. This includes regular Valorant 10-mans which will run on their new FACEIT hub, and non-student-specific events.

What is a ‘NUEL Partner’/Can my organisation get this support?

This is part of a new framework that we’re developing to help us better support student community organisers. This could range from using our social channels to promote events, to more in-depth resource sharing and partner support. We hope to roll this out more widely later this year, following this pilot.

Does this affect your support for student societies/clubs?

No, the society support network still operates in the same way. Both systems are under continuous development, but this isn’t a replacement for our existing society support.

I’m interested in getting into the university Valorant scene, what do I do?

Great! We recommend you join both the NUEL and UK University Valorant Discord servers where you will find other players and see the latest news. Then you should sign up for at least one of the tournaments here: NUEL Valorant and UK University Valorant

We think you should play in both, but we won’t hold it against you if you pick one over the other, promise 😊.

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