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OMG I need help

We completely feel your panic and stress of not being able to signup before the deadline because of an issue with our website. We want you to play and we’ll do whatever we can to help make that happen. So to help calm your nerves sooner and to help us deal with issues quicker, we’ve put together a quick guide on the best way to getting your issue fixed.

  1. Check our Support articles – we’ve got articles explaining what to do with the most common problems that we receive, you might be able to fix the issue yourself without needing to wait for an admin to help, you can find all the articles here or by clicking Support on the navbar above
  2. Stay up-to-date with any system wide errors – if you’re not use to our website you’ll soon learn it’s an interesting creature with many quirks, and with the high demand we’re receiving at the moment those quirks can become more widespread issues. We’ll announce on our Facebook page and Twitter if there are any widespread issues that are effecting most of you and let you know when they are fixed, and what you need to do (if anything) to get it working for you.
  3. Email support – if our articles haven’t helped or there’s no obvious widespread issues then email our support team at When you do so please include your university email address and IGN (in game name) so we can find your account, it’s incredibly helpful to us if you can email us opposed to posting in Facebook groups so we can make sure that all the requests are handled and we can’t share personal info like your email address in a public place.


Few other things to consider

  • Get registered to the tournament asap – we’re going to get increasingly busier the closer we get to the deadline, we want to help everyone but that becomes harder if everyone is messaging us right before the deadline
  • We have to prioritise tournament related requests – our top priority right now is to ensure everyone who wants to play can before the deadline, if you contact us with a question that isn’t stopping you from playing in this weekend’s tournaments than we’re probably not going to get back to you until next week, sorry but hopefully you can understand
  • Messaging NUEL Staff individually by Facebook or email won’t get the problem solved any quicker – it’s not because we want to be awkward, it’s because we’re spending most of our time dealing with the issues that come through the official channels so we weren’t checking our personal messages, please email

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