Closing date: 29th May 2016


  • Provide play by play commentary for The NUEL’s League of Legends tournament matches.
  • Host and broadcast coverage of The NUEL’s League of Legends tournament matches.
  • Provide support to colleague in other teams throughout The NUEL, where applicable and requested.
  • Work with your broadcast team to develop yourself and others through practice and implementation of feedback.


  • Clear and uninterrupted broadcast audio, provided by a reasonable quality microphone.
  • Able to host a stable stream.
  • Available most Sunday evenings for broadcasts.
  • Available (with notice) to attend Team Meetings on weekday evenings.
  • Own a mature student mentality and approach constructive criticism with an open mind, with intent to learn.

Type of people we’re looking for

It’s incredibly important to us that we work with people we can trust and share our passion for UK university esports. This isn’t some group coursework project where people can expect everyone else to do the hard work so they can take the credit, we want people who are going to bring something to our organisation and community. We want people to enjoy the work they do and the people they work with, you need to be a team player who wants to see their team, the organisation and most important the community, succeed.

What we can offer

We’re fortunate to have such a large community and the recognition that goes with that, we’ve had several people now who have moved on from the NUEL to paid jobs within esports which is awesome. We work with some of the biggest names in the industry who not only recognise our work but actively work with us on projects, giving our volunteers real word experience with the industry pros and having the opportunity to meet the people who make esports work behind the scenes. Not everyone moves onto their dream esports job but we do our best to make sure that the experience you have on our team is worthwhile and good fun along the way!

How to apply

Please email with a breakdown of relevant experience and a short paragraph on why you think you’d be good for the role. For this role, we also require applicants to submit a VoD of at least 15 minutes length to assess casting ability. We aim to get back to all applicants to let you know whether you’ve made it through to interviews or not. Feedback on the VoD, whether successful or not, will be provided upon request.