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Week 2 Guide – Operation: Hand Wash

We’re one week into Operation: Hand Wash – a packed schedule of gaming activities during this social isolation period. Hundreds of students have already been involved, and we’ve got more activities coming up – so here is all you need to know about how to get involved in the coming week!

Our homepage has now been updated with more fixtures – so you can go right ahead and check your favourite games to see their schedules, otherwise read on! If you want any more specific information about a game, jump on our Discord and go to the #get-role channel to see the relevant channels for your games.

Don’t forget, you usually need to sign up at latest the night before the game to guarantee your spot.

Friday 24th April –

Social Nights: Tabletop Simulator, 8pm

No sign-up or check-in required for this one, just head on over to our Discord, and we will facilitate some friendly tabletop games and hang out!

Saturday 25th April –

Minecraft: Spleef, 7pm

Our persistent Minecraft server is still going strong – things were a little bit unstable on launch, but it’s settled down now so you should come and check it out! This Saturday we’ll be running a Spleef event: simple really, players destroy blocks under other players – last one standing wins!

Sunday 26th April –

Dead by Daylight, 7pm

The Entity has infiltrated the university esports scene and calls for more sacrifices. Survivors must prepare to repair generators whilst evading the Killer to ensure you don’t succumb to the Entity.

Teams consist of 5 players. Each round, you will play as four survivors and one killer – your killer will hunt a different team while the four survivors are hunted. Points are awarded to survivors for escaping and killers for making sacrifices. Then at the end of the night the top 3 teams will be rewarded for their efforts!

We’re allowing mixed teams for this tournament – so if you’re riding solo and looking for a team (or a team looking for an extra player or two) jump on our Discord and we will help facilitate!

Monday 27th April –

Overwatch Community Community Hero Pool, 6pm

Another shake up to our usual formats – this week we are running a standard 6v6 tournament, but with the addition of an enforced hero pool. We encourage players of all skill levels to get involved. This will be either a double or single elimination tournament (depending on signups), and the winners will pick up some Amazon vouchers.

Tuesday 28th April –

CS:GO Wingman, 6pm

After an incredibly successful 1v1 night last week, we’re doing Wingman mode this week. Find your partner and go sneak-beaky like. Or go rushing in. Whichever suits you.

Blood Bowl 2, 7:15pm

After a phenomenal launch broadcast with thousands of viewers, our Blood Bowl 2 tournament continues into it’s second week. Tune in to twitch.tv/thenuel at 7:15pm to catch the best games from this week.

Missed the signups but want to get involved? We’ve started an open ladder that you can join by making a team and finding “the NUEL blood bowl” league in game. Request to join and we’ll approve it!

Wednesday 29th April –

Legends of Runeterra, 1pm

We welcome Legends of Runeterra to Operation: Hand Wash! Quite frankly, we can’t think of a finer way to spend Wednesday lunchtime than playing cards for coins and shards.

League of Legends 2v2, 6pm

Welcome back Summoners! This is a 2v2 draft tournament – in a double or single elimination format depending on signups. Winners get RP and master work chests and keys.

Thursday 30th April

Rainbow 6: Siege Mixed Teams, 6pm

This is week 2 of our Siege mixed teams tournament, so sign-ups are already closed. If you’d like to play some Siege, there is still time to join our 2v2 tournament starting on 7th May – sign up here!

That’s it for this week!

Keep your eye out on our Discord or Twitter for further announcements, and we’ll be back next week with another update!

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