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Week 3 Guide – Operation: Hand Wash

Operation: Hand Wash continues into its third week with a whole new array of activities to take part in.

Our homepage has now been updated with more fixtures – so you can go right ahead and check your favourite games to see their schedules, otherwise read on! If you want any more specific information about a game, jump on our Discord and go to the #get-role channel to see the relevant channels for your games.

Don’t forget, you usually need to sign up at latest the night before the game to guarantee your spot.

Social Nights: Golf With Friends

Friday 1st May, 7pm

No sign-up or check-in required for this one, just head on over to our Discord, and we will facilitate some friendly games!

Minecraft: Total Wipeout

Saturday 2nd May, 7pm

If you’ve ever wanted to brave the Big Red Balls but couldn’t afford a trip to Argentina, now’s your chance to live out your Total Wipeout fantasies in our Minecraft game. Fun twist: everybody is running the course at the same time…


Sunday 3rd May, 7pm

The tournament that the author of this blog has been waiting for – Sunday sees us dropping back into PUBG for four duos matches and a £120 prize pool. Mixed university teams are allowed and we’ll be streaming live to our Twitch channel, should be a great evening!

Overwatch: Community 3v3

Monday 4th May, 6pm

This is a 3v3 elimation tournament over the course of an evening. This will be either a double or single elimination tournament (depending on signups), and the winners will pick up some Amazon vouchers. We encourage players of all skill levels to get involved – we’re still looking for teams to sign up!

CS:GO: Hostage Rescue

Tuesday 5th May, 6pm

This week we’re taking away the bombs and leaving a few hostages (all holding Amazon vouchers) in their place. Grab your gear and let’s go!

Blood Bowl 2

Tuesday 5th May, 7:15pm

Our first ever Blood Bowl 2 tournament continues into it’s third week. Tune in to twitch.tv/thenuel at 7:15pm to catch the best games from this week.

Missed the signups but want to get involved? We’ve started an open ladder that you can join by making a team and finding “the NUEL blood bowl” league in game. Request to join and we’ll approve it!

Legends of Runeterra

Wednesday 6th May, 1pm

Time for another round of Legends of Runeterra! With coins and shards up for grabs, students will play each other in a double elimination format.

League of Legends – 5v5 All Random All Mid (ARAM)

Wednesday 6th May, 6pm

Welcome back Summoners! This is a 5v5 ARAM tournament – in a double or single elimination format depending on signups. Winners get RP and master work chests and keys.

Rainbow Six: Siege 2v2

Thursday 7th May, 6pm

We’re starting another two week tournament, and this time it’s 2v2s. This will be a double Elimination tournament over two evening, with the winners picking themselves up Amazon Vouchers.

That’s it for this week!

Keep your eye out on our Discord or Twitter for further announcements, and we’ll be back next week with another update!

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