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Overwatch Campus Clash, The Top 3

It’s that time of year again- time to dust off your Torb turrets, fire up your mechs, and get ready for the Overwatch Campus Clash finals. The competition so far has been incredibly close- with some of our oldest veterans falling at the final hurdles, making way for a new wave of university talent. However, with finals in sight, all eyes will fall on our final three teams: reigning champions BUsted, back-to-back Spring champions Underwatch, and young upstarts and Winter finalists Portsmouth Paladins.

These playoffs are all about history. With veterans of the scene Warwick Angels falling short in the fourth round after a fourth map victory by BUsted in the winners bracket, it was clear that legacy wasn’t going to be enough to secure a victory this time around. This story was mirrored in the loser’s bracket, with two-time finalists UoB Kronos (formerly UoB Zeus) losing in a hard-fought five map series to the Portsmouth Paladins, securing the Paladins the all-important spot in the final round of the loser’s bracket- one last hope to break into that grand final. However, the team that would stand in the way of that final was yet to be decided.

That decision would come from one of the most important, and most storied, games of the split so far- a nail biting series between Winter 2019 champions BUsted, and the team they had to beat to earn that title, Underwatch. However, this did not go the way of those finals- with Underwatch managing to do what they could not in winter, and pull out a 3-1 victory, sending BUsted with a one way ticket to the loser’s bracket. 

Everything now hangs on that five-map series between the Portsmouth Paladins and BUsted. Can the rookies overthrow last year’s top dogs? Whatever happens, this fight will not be their last. The winner of this match will have to face an even tougher foe, in an Underwatch that has shown no signs of stopping, and has been in superb form since the start of the split. Will BUsted get yet one last opportunity to beat the team that is slowly becoming their nemesis? Or will the Portsmouth Paladins make their mark with their first ever finals appearance in NUEL Overwatch? With it all still to play for, you’re not going to want to miss these finals. 

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