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Match Report: Overwatch Campus Clash Week 5

As the  Swiss stage draws to a close and the rankings solidify, last Monday provided another night of entertaining Overwatch in the Overwatch Campus Clash. The games were casted by John Allen and Ieuan ‘vowels’ Hall.

The match, singular, tonight was Revenge: The Baby Isopod Story’ from the University of East Anglia versus :French_Bread: from the University of Leicester.

Revenge starts off the night in unorthodox fashion on Rialto with a Doomfist and Symmetra composition on defense. With an early kill on Honeypops Pharah, things initially look great. :French Bread: swings back aggressively, able to cleanly sweep Revenge on their first real push without having any ultimates available to them. The second wave is equally hard to hold for Revenge, who seem to be having a difficult time in halting the momentum from the baguettes. The Symmetra pick eventually gets switched to a Sombra, which provides Revenge with more backline harass and the threat of an EMP. Solid responsive play from Revenge mean that they neutralize a lot of the attacks from :French Bread:. Noxxy and Honeypops on the Hanzo and Doomfist respectively eventually shoot and/or punch their way through. Sogeking233’s Graviton Surge is not enough to save the day, and :French Bread: get the payload delivered to its final destination.

Revenge seem to be having an easier time on offense, getting the payload almost to the first point without breaking a sweat. A full on backline trade and a well timed Zarya bubble on Dewji from Eddyu means that the first point gets delayed a little bit, but on the subsequent push Revenge push back :French Bread:. The second point falls in similar fashion, but when trying to push through one of Rialto’s many arches Revenge’s snowball gets melted by an early pick on Spacecowboy. Without the Reinhardt, all damage floods through. After that, Revenge is unable to break up the :French Bread: defense anymore, in part due to Noxxy Pharah who reigns supreme in the skies.

Favorite Play of the Night: Although their team did not win, any of the Self-Destructs from Sogeking233 would qualify.
Player to watch: I want to watch Phatty and Noxxy fight it out in a 1v1 Doomfist-off. That is all.

With that, :French Bread: leads 1:0 as they are tasked with dismantling Revenge’s defense on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. As is tradition, the map starts off with some Widow versus Widow snipershots getting lined up, with Noxxy coming out superior over Phatty. On the back of two snipes, :French Bread: gets to the first point with a nicely snowballed fight. With Phatty diving deep and picking up multi kills, Revenge get their revenge and halt the momentum just shy of the second point. However, after a compositional switch from :French Bread: Phatty finally gets shut down by Noxxy’s McCree. While Revenge put on a spirited defense on the second point, they are unable to repeat that performance on the final point. Another multikill from Phatty stalls them until overtime, but in the end :French Bread: gets the full push.

Phatty seems a win-condition in and of himself on the Doomfist , and when he gets the Nano-boost the first point falls rapidly. An absolute monster of a Self-Destruct means that the payload gets pushed a whole lot further without any opportunity for :French Bread: to counter. As John Allen mentions, it feels like the Phatty show, although Revenge in general seems revitalized as they get the payload to the second point. Honeypops contends for the position of ‘Doomfist of the Game’ as him and Noxxy take over the game for the final minutes on Watchpoint:Gibraltar, meaning that :French Bread: is up 2-0 in the series.

After a lively discussion about bread in its many forms, we see a substitute on the side of Revenge with Calv replacing Varee for the final match on Eichenwalde. Once again, the Symmetra gets pulled by Revenge. Unfortunately for them, :French Bread: uses a Pharmercy dive composition to great efficiency to capture the first point on their initial push. The second point does not fare much better, and it seems like :French Bread: have completely figured out Revenge. While the first two maps we saw a fair bit of back and forth, on Eichenwalde the matchup initially seems more one sided, right until Sogeking233 hits another great Self-Destruct. GOATS seems to be working out great for Revenge, and a 5 minute timebank gets whittled down just upwards of 1 minute. In the end, too much time is available for :French Bread:. They are able to farm up and combine  their ultimates and flourish an offensive Bastion as they complete the full push.

Revenge is in for a surprise on their offense, as they face down a 6-support composition from :French Bread:. To even greater surprise of everyone involved, they win the first teamfight as well. It turns out that a 6-support composition is not very effective versus an Earthshatter and the cap comes through. Once :French Bread: switch back to an actual composition, opting into their earlier style of dive with a Pharah and Doomfist, it becomes a lot harder for Revenge to win the fights. Although they get real close to capturing the second point, they are unable to decisively win any of the brawls and with that :French Bread: picks up a 3-0 win in their match against Revenge.

With that, we finish week 5 of the Campus Clash! Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties the second best of 3 could not be played. Next monday we will be back with the Overwatch Campus Clash!

– Chronicler


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