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Overwatch Winter Championship 2017 Format

Hail heroes!

The format for this split’s championship is detailed below. It’s divided into a visual representation and a text based one. If you have any questions about the format please join our discord (found here) and ask them in the Overwatch text channel.

Start date: Thursday 19th OCT

Signups: Opening in the next few days

The Format

Stage One: Swiss Qualifiers

The NUEL Swiss (N-Swiss) system

Our system works by matching teams who have a similar win/loss record against each other. Over the course of the Swiss you will face increasingly better matched opponents. Each win will earn you a point and the teams with the most points will qualify for the single elimination bracket. (We’ll be publishing a more detailed explanation of this system for those of you who want to know more but the above is sufficient to compete).


To decide a tiebreak in final standings we use a system which calculates your “Opponent Match Win Percentage” score. Put simply, this generates a rating for your team based on the difficulty of opponents you had to face over the course of the qualifiers. The team with the higher rating, who therefore beat better opponents, will be awarded the higher placement.

Stage Two: Championship Bracket

Championship Bracket – Single Elimination

The top 8 teams from the qualifiers will compete in a single elimination bracket to determine the National Champions. All games will be Bo3 apart from the grand finals which will be Bo5.


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