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Rainbow Six Siege University League – Spring 2020

Over fifty teams began their battle in October to see who would be crowned the champion of Winter 2019, will the current champions Lancaster win again in Spring 2020?

With only one loss to their name, the Lancaster Bombers flew through the opposition, taking a single loss in the fourth week of the tournament to eventual finalists Swansea Storm Green. With the only loss coming from Swansea, the finals were expected to be a repeat of their previous matchup, however, Lancaster defied the odds and came out on top securing their title as the champions of the Rainbow Six Siege University League.

Being at the top, the question often asked is for how long will they reign?
With close competition coming from Swansea, Coventry and Birmingham, the Spring split will be packed with close matches and challenging games for all players involved. The team captain for Lancaster has described their goal as “win at all costs” highlighting their lack of complacency as the reigining champions going into the second season.

“The goal is to win. That is all. We do have a new set of problems, having lost a different tournament so we are even more fired up to win than before. We do want to win at all costs.”

Mahi, Lancaster Bombers Captain
What about Swansea, Coventry and Birmingham?

The second place team Swansea Storm Green had dominated the entire tournament in winter, not losing at all on their way to the grand finals. Although coming so close to victory, the captain has expressed that they’re not focusing on winning, and instead wish to develop their talent and allow for progression throughout their teams.

“While one of our big goals will always be to win NUEL our main focus this split will be to give more support to players who are enjoying the competitive side and want to dive into it more by giving them more coaching and help as well as allowing them to play with some of our more experienced players. So hopefully this split youll see some players who have done well in our second and third team coming through into our first team and playing well”

JakeSouthster, Swansea Storm Green Captain

Hot on the tail of Swansea are our third and fourth placed teams; Coventry Phoenix Ice and Bam, both of these teams lost to the finalists and fought it out for third and fourth with Coventry coming out on top. With the wishes of Coventry being to take the crown from Lancaster, whilst also looking to further the skills of the players in other fields.

“Coventry wishes to continue their streak of success in Rainbow Six Siege by adding another win to their belt and helping to propel members into the casting community and admin spaces.”

Lucan, Coventry Phoenix Ice Captain
That’s all good and all but whats going to happen?

With such tight competition at the top of the board, we’re bound to have an exciting split in store!

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