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Rainbow Six Siege University League: The Last 3

Stop jiggle peaking, sit back and prepare for our Rainbow Six Siege University League finals. Our tournament so far has been rife with unexpected losses, with only the former champions Lancaster Bombers (now the Lancaster Clowns) remaining from our previous top teams. Wednesday’s lower bracket finals between Supermarket Value Siege Team and Liverpool Arctic Foxes will determine who faces Lancaster in the Grand Finals on Friday.

Supermarket Value Siege Team

Making an unexpected run into and through playoffs, this second team (yeah, second) losing only one match in the playoffs – against finalists Lancaster – Derby have shown unexpected strength throughout the competition. They face Liverpool having already beaten them 2-1 earlier in the tournament, but the match could go either way.

We’ve had a great tournament so far, with the team improving a huge amount throughout. It’s the last split for a few of us, so regardless of where we end up placing, we’re all very content with the progress that we’ve made. However with that said, we’ll be sure to give it our best shot against Liverpool and we’re confident that we can beat them a second time.

Taen, Derby Captain

Liverpool Arctic Foxes

Losing their second match in the playoffs, Liverpool did not appear to be off to a great start. But they followed this with a free win against previous runners-up Swansea to move into the lower bracket quarter finals, followed by cleaning up underdogs Staffordshire Stampede with another 2-0 victory.

This tournament has been the perfect opportunity for us to show how good of a team we are. We’ve been going about our own business, taking down the big guns from the start. The team is hungrier and more determined then ever, looking forward to that W in the final

Alderslayer, Liverpool Captain

Lancaster Clowns (Formerly Bombers)

Highlighting their only change being their name, Lancaster continued to sweep all teams they came across: remaining undefeated throughout the whole tournament so far. Previous champions and undefeated, no wonder they’re the tournament favourites to take first place.
With all members of the squad boasting a positive K/D (somehow Mahi has, too) the team has shown an ability to frag when required, but also demonstrate game knowledge and strategy that have stopped the newer, less experienced challengers.

We got to the finals again through sheer effort and perseverance. I think it fair to say we are one of the best teams playing in this tournament however that doesn’t mean we don’t respect the opponents that we will be facing. We won’t disappoint however they should bring it A game otherwise they won’t get a round by us.

Mahi, Captain of Lancaster

So… Who will win?

Lancaster go into the finals as favourites, but there is always the chance that a team will cause an upset and sweep the rug from under Lancaster’s feet. We will find out this week.

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