Spring Tournament 2018: Date Announcement!

Now that exam season has finished, we’re pleased to finally announce the start dates for the 2018 Spring Tournament!

See the table below for the games, start dates and relevant Facebook groups:

Game Start date Facebook Group
League of Legends Sunday 11th February NUEL LOL
CS:GO Monday 12th February  NUEL CS:GO
Overwatch Thursday 15th February  NUEL Overwatch

Signups for all three games will be opened on the 28th January, so make sure to have your team registered by the deadlines listed below:

Signup deadlines
League of Legends: 9th February
CS:GO: 10th February
Overwatch: 13th February

We’ll notify you when signups open and close, and keep you updated on the important dates and times via our Twitter and Facebook.

Good luck, and hope to see lots of you entering!

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