Summer tournament 2016 details

We just wanted to give you an update on when the Summer Tournament starts, hopefully your exams went well and you’re ready to enjoy the summer break! This is going to be the last chance some of you are going to get to play in The NUEL, if you’re graduating this year you can play in the summer tournament, so don’t miss out (or apply for a PhD and stay with us forever :))

We’ve been working hard over the break to make improvements on last season and introduce some exciting new additions to The NUEL, here’s what we’ve got lined up for the Summer Tournament:

League of Legends

Signups open: Friday 24th June
Signups close: Friday 8th July
Tournament dates: Sunday 10th July to Sunday 21st August
Tournament day/time: Sundays from 6.45pm

Stay updated: NUEL LoL Facebook Group

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Signups open: Monday 27th June
Signups close: Saturday 16th July
Tournament dates: Monday 18th July to Monday 22nd August
Tournament day/time: Mondays from 7.15pm

Stay updated: NUEL CS:GO Facebook Group

Why change the day to Monday? 

We want to avoid conflicting with the CS:GO UK Masters tournament which is on a Wednesday over summer. For the main season we want to try and avoid Wednesday’s based on your feedback, this would allow people in sports teams to play and we feel like Monday’s are generally a free night for most people.

Improvements we’ve made

New server host, better way of finding your server IP and player’s IGNs on the website

NEW – Rocket League

Signups open: Friday 1st July
Signups close: Thursday 21st July
Tournament dates: Saturday 23rd July, Saturday 6th August, Saturday 20th August
Tournament day/time: TBC

Stay updated: NUEL Rocket League Facebook Group


One Night Cups which means you aren’t tied down for several weeks. It’ll be 3v3 so you just need to grab 2 more mates so it’s super easy to get involved. These cups will run on a fortnightly basis over summer.


For the final tournament we’re going to let freshers play! It falls 2 days after A-level results day so we thought it would be a great opportunity to meet next year’s players.


Signups open: Friday 1st July
Signups close: Friday 29th July
Tournament dates: Saturday 30th July, Saturday 13th August, Saturday 27th August
Tournament day/time: TBC

Stay updated: NUEL Hearthstone Facebook Group

Format changes

Having listened to your feedback we’re going to be running a much simpler One Night Cup format over summer. These cups will run on a fortnightly basis over summer. More info once signups open.

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