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Swiss So Far!

With all the attention on Varsity Division, those in the ongoing Swiss tournament may feel left out, even though the competition doesn’t include the top 32 teams from the winter split there are still many talented teams remaining to battle it out for the 9600rp and triumphant ryze skin. The top teams will aim to prove their failure to make it to Varsity was down to some unfortunate events rather than their true skill levels. 179 teams compete over 6 weeks with 3 best of 1’s being played every Sunday in a Swiss format where teams are matched (as much as possible) against others with the same win record. Ties in points are decided by on match win percentage, this is essentially the difficulty level of the teams you have beaten, if you have beaten lots of teams lower down the standings you will have a lower OMW%, if you’ve beaten lots of teams at the top of the standings you will have a high OMW%. The top of the Swiss division still features some strong teams that given another opportunity could match some of those sitting in the lower parts of the Varsity stage so it is not a competition you would want to miss.

Chads Dig Elo top the standings with a sterling 14-1 record so far being 2 points ahead of their nearest competition and making them our swiss champions as long as no last week nerves stop them in their stride. They will look to emulate the success of 50 kent in last year’s competition, who was the number one ranked team in the previous power rankings. A key part in the team is their jungler and captain pawp who will be key in staying at the top for the last week of the competition. UCL Exodus and Dark Lords Disciples sit just below the University of Kent side each with 12-3 records and the same OMW%. UCL Exodus from the University of Southampton will look to show that they deserve to be counted as one of the top teams despite their absence from the varsity division whereas Dark Lords Disciples from Brunel University will look to emulate the success of their top team Brunel Burners who have made the top 8 of the varsity division.

Four teams sit just below the top with an 11-4 record separated only by OMW%, Teessides Reformed, Brighton Pirates, Hertfordshire Gold and RIP David. Although nigh on impossible to take the top spot, they can all move further up the rankings and put in a good performance that will leave them in good stead for future tournaments.

So far the Swiss competition sees two teams storming out ahead with a plethora of teams racing behind them to catch up, with OMW% the only thing separating a multitude of teams at the moment. However, with two more weeks of games to play it is still all to play for in the Swiss competition with the experience to improve teams to prepare for the future and the chance to earn pride for their university and society so there is still a lot to play for.

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