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Teamfight Tactics – Spring 2020 – The Top 8

With the finals looming just 2 days away, we stopped to give you a brief overview of the players that are going to be playing it out in the final three games of the season.

Xeno TFTx – Birmingham City University

Xeno has really come into his own in set 3, being featured on stream regularly in the past few weeks of games, they’ve really shown off the power of Aurelion Sol better than anyone, placing consistently very highly. Standing alone at the top of the leaderboard Xeno is the favourite for many going into the finals.

SmileyCereal – Lancaster University

SmileyCereal is one of the old guard, having been consistently near the top throughout the vast majority of the season. Smiley has shown time and time again that they have what it takes to master any set and bring home the wins when they need to. Set 3 proved slightly harder at the start for Smiley, but they seem to have figured it now, just in time for finals.

Re Malaka Re Bro – Kings College London

Re Malaka Re Bro is another who set 3 has really given a boost to his play, bringing him up into the top 8 in the last few weeks, where they’ve stayed, with an impressive win rate in said group. Off the back of a 1st and 2nd in the final week, can he carry the momentum forward into the finals, a similar performance could be enough to take it all. 

Smartwings – University of Nottingham

Set three has looked touch and go for Smartwings but an incredibly commanding win in the final game of the ladder secured him his spot in the grand finals. Will that win give him the confidence in his comps going into finals he needs to take home the grand prize.

Naotan Mid – University College London

Naotan Mid had a strong lead on the competition heading into set 3, but has faltered slightly in the weeks following the rotation. After dropping down the standings quite considerably in the final 2 weeks, will the break before finals be long enough for Naotan to figure out the set?

Sir Bobz – University of Cambridge

Sir Bobz has been a constant in the top groups of ladder throughout the whole season. Bringing home consistent high places somewhat under the radar, they’ve kept themselves in contention for the crown the entire time. Wins became few and far between in the middle of the season, but really picked up with 2 in the final 2 weeks. Can that momentum carry on into the finals?

Kindred9592 – Abertay University

Kindred came from nowhere in the last few weeks of the ladder with a run of first places the kind of which we hadn’t seen since Joel19 in the first 3 weeks. They’re another player who seems to have clicked with set 3 much faster than others. Will they still be ahead of the curve in finals, or will others have studied their comps and caught up?

Huhmit – Teeside University

Huhmit is another who has been consistently there in the top 16 throughout the season, putting in good performances when needed to stay there. Their ability to bring in the wins when they need to to keep contesting those top spots will be key in the high pressure games of finals where every placement matters.

Watch these players battle it out at 19:15 on Saturday 11th April, in three thrilling games, to take home their share of the prize money.

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