The New NUEL Look

Hi folks,

Starting today, we’re using a new NUEL logo and identity. We love our clean parallel stripes dearly, but from a design and branding perspective, it was time for an update. When the logo was first made in 2012, The NUEL used to run one online tournament if the website wasn’t hugged to death. Today, the organization runs five games, live and online events, semi-professional teams, and a blog, all for five times the playerbase. We want something that fits that wide range and versatility.

The design’s been kept simple and NUEL- geometric, red and blue, sans serif. It comes with new graphics, overlays, National Championship logo, and soon™, a website. Hope you like it!

If you don’t like it, we have some tweaks planned for the future, especially with regards to small sizes & facebook compression. If you straight-up hate it, please send critiques, hatemail, and dog GIFS to It’s been a long and weird redesign, but I hope it came out okay 😮




A quick look in pictures at how the logo came to be:


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