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The NUEL and Hitmarker Partnership

Today we announced that The NUEL and Hitmarker will be working closely together to help more students pursue a career in the esports industry. You can read the announcement here.

This is really exciting for us – Hitmarker is the number one destination for gaming and esports jobs, being used by hundreds of thousands of people to find work in the industry. We also regularly use Hitmarker for posting new roles, and can highly recommend them to other employers.

We also think that it’s incredibly important to widen access to this space, and hope that by increasing Hitmarker’s involvement in the grass roots, we can help to make that happen.

What does this partnership mean for me?

Jobs Feed: Hitmarker will provide us with a live feed of relevant roles to include on – making it even easier for us to point students towards interesting jobs in the industry. This is planned to go up on our website in time for the new academic year. We will also be highlighting relevant jobs from Hitmarker on our social media.

Student Support: Hitmarker will offer a small number of NUEL members detailed cover letter and CV reviews, aimed at helping them prepare to apply for esports jobs. These students will also be spotlighted through Hitmarker’s social media channels, to help raise their profile to potential employers. We’re still confirming exactly how students will be selected for this, but we expect to open applications for this support in August.

Content: We’re going to work with Hitmarker to develop useful content aimed at helping UK students get into the esports industry – again, expect this to start on a fairly regular basis in the new academic year.

Hitmarker Data: Hitmarker will also provide us with market data in relation to jobs and employment in the wider esports industry. We expect that these insights will help us offer more initiatives around careers and professional development, and hope to talk more about these later in the Summer.

It’s also worth saying that this is a long-term commitment by both The NUEL and Hitmarker to work together to identify more opportunities in this vein. We hope that over time we can build on what’s being announced today.

Want to get involved?

The NUEL is very frequently on the lookout for tournament administrators, product managers, broadcast production staff, casters, marketers, and more. If you’re a student looking to get some experience, learn some transferrable skills, or make your first step into the industry, we’re always interested to hear from you. Just fill out the form here and we will contact you whenever we advertise a new and relevant role.

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