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The Partition – PlayOnceAWeek vs Blade of the Ruined King’s

Welcome to The Partition, a look back and analysis on the streamed teams.

This week on The Partition; two contenders  for the top ten in the south: PlayOnceAWeek of Southampton against Blade of the Ruined King’s of King’s College London.

The Picks & Bans Phase

Picks and Bans started off with some very individual bans from both sides. POAW banned out the super scaling bot lane in Janna and Twitch whereas BRK aimed at the midlane taking away the comfort picks of Annie and Jayce. After that it was back to the meta bans as Zac and Azir went off the table.

First picks started off with Im_spiffy grabbing his Tristana and POAW answered with two tanks in Sejuani and Taric whose double melee synergy works wonders for their stuns. Teamfighting on the table of BRK, so POAW went in the complete opposite direction: pick potential. Malzahar and Bard were swiftly picked up, though this was just before Winnable chose the Draven, a risky pick in the face of the guaranteed lockdown from the otherside.

Second Stage bans led BRK to squeeze the jungle pool even tighter as Jarven and Skarner went off the table whilst POAW took out the super strong Galio and made a mistake ban in the Braum.

Pick Potential vs Team Fighting

PlayOnceAWeek vs Blade of the Ruined King’s

Second picks showed how committed BRK was to teamfighting: picking up an Orianna. Urgot topped their composition as another beefy champion. It was picked against the Riven and Graves Jungle, POAW’s composition looking incredibly squishy and volatile. Provided BRK doesn’t die throughout the early game of the match, it would be in their hands even if they did nothing.

The Early Game

The early game started off with a scuffle immediately, both teams going for the invade on the opposing bottom side jungle, only on completely different paths. POAW stuck around to contest the blue whilst the Draven, playing the personality, didn’t stick around and instead went down bot to claim the farm.

First blood came out of the mid lane however as the Orianna started pushing the Malzahar out stripping him down to 1/4 HP. Graves, with his unconventional start in the enemy blue came around the back of the Orianna and brought the shovel as he dug his namesake for her.

Fights never stopped as the Riven made quick work of the itemless Urgot, quickly bursting him down with her ignite whilst in the bot lane Tristana took a rocket jump into a dazzling stun. Bard, obviously deciding he’d do his thing, roamed with the Graves, almost catching out the Orianna and then quickly switching to the Urgot who had come to help. The limited movement speed of the Urgot really stopping any counterplay to the much faster, diving team. This starts to become an issue as he keeps getting caught out, even dragging his own jungler into his deaths.

The limited movement speed of the Urgot really stopping any counterplay to the much faster, diving team

That’s not to say that the other side haven’t been doing that either. Non-Stop ganks lead the Graves down bot lane where the Taric Sejuani combination really came into effect multiple times over as Tristana and Bard fell again and again to the Draven.

First tower blood was given to BRK at 11:30 as Bard abandoned the bot lane, each team now sporting 6 kills as we enter the mid game.

The Mid-Game

It appeared as though the jungle was forgotten as both Junglers became laners within the league edition of musical chairs. Riven and Graves faced off against Taric and Draven, trying to wave clear together somehow whilst in bot lane Sejuani and Urgot faced off against Tristana and Taric. Putting a slow and behind Urgot in a long lane against champions with dashes and jumps set off alarm bells but it was weirdly Orianna’s death that allowed BRK to move forwards with another tower in the top . A very drawn out 1v1 between the two midlaners brought in Riven’s teleport and the Urgot and Sejuani. Malzahar escaped by a sliver thanks to Bard’s miraculous stun and it left Sejuani in enemy territory.



Draven and Taric made use of their time alone in the top, taking a Rift Herald as well as my prediction of Urgot being run down almost became true. Tristana once again jumped too far in  putting her in prime position for his ulti. Bard arrived too late to stun and made a quick magical exit of his own.

At 16 minutes BRK hold a 2k gold lead which they then extend to 5.5k 2 minutes later as they bring forth Shelly and quite easily strip down two towers and the two champions defending the towers. Provided they don’t do anything stupid and with no true tank on the enemy team, all the teamfighting team has to do is group and the game is theirs.

Provided they don’t do anything stupid and with no true tank on the enemy team

21 minutes in and the Sejuani solos the Tristana who sits alone in a side lane whilst the rest of BRK gets  the inhibitor. POAW’s team composition couldn’t have afforded to go even in the first 20 minutes; worse is that they went negative. With no real tank and the opposing’s teams vision all over their jungle, their win condition becomes harder and harder to find as they’re the ones on the receiving end of picks.

Miscommunication however is the bane of all teams as after a pick on the Bard BRK walk towards the Baron. As POAW approaches the Sejuani goes in and out of the Baron pit, the Taric ulti is used at an extremely weird time and worst of all, Riven gets into the pit and with the Draven. Baron is deftly picked up soon after by POAW.

Urgotta believe the saving grace as he comes through and picks up a double kill on the Malzahar and the Tristana as they leave the pit, getting away on barely 10hp.

BRK remain in control though, pushing all the way to take another inhibitor. It’s a slow take then Bard hits the perfect ultimate getting four of them right on the gates of POAW’s base. This allows Riven to get  a huge knockup, three kills as BRK runs away and four towers in the cleanup.

At 29 minutes, POAW now has a 1.2k gold lead, the tempo but loses another dragon as we enter the late game. Tristana has finally hit three items.

The Late Game

At three items at least on everyone the game has become the usual Unicorns of Love strategy: Run it down mid. Like a tennis match they go back and forth between inhibitors picking up kills here and there, the gold always within 1k of each other.

Finally one fight in the jungle with another missed Taric stun leaves only the Urgot alive and POAW are quick to reset. BRK sees this as an opportunity to pull apart the opposing team as Riven has gone bot lane. They quickly descend on the baron and the teleport from Riven comes out. BRK runs away but another brilliant Bard ulti holds them in place whilst the Riven teleport completes, bringing in another massive knockup, another miss from the Taric stun allowing Graves and Tristana run riot in the backline, and an ace for POAW.

Ignoring the Baron completely they run down mid and end the game before anyone from BRK is even up.

Final Analysis

The thing to remember about win conditions I think is this: They’re continuous. Just because you get ahead in gold doesn’t change your win condition. Sure it may give you a bit of leeway but it doesn’t change what you’ve picked into. BRK went more than even in the early game, their clear game plan of making sure the Draven was ahead whilst the others got tanky was pretty simple and effective.

Never, ever, forget your win condition.

Yet BRK forgot their win condition at that one Baron play. 5.5k gold lead was flushed down the proverbial toilet again and again as they split up. They went solo, they were always just out of reach of their carries. The amount of times Taric went in alone, had to use his ultimate and die just as his carries arrived I lost count. Again and again they went in one by one, dragging their own teammates into their deaths.

My own personal preference would be taking the Urgot out and swapping it in from something melee, further adding to the Sejuani’s Synergy.

All credit to POAW for holding on, for continuing to find those picks again and again. One dead out of a team of five can make a massive difference, and thanks to the miscommunication of BRK, they clawed it back and smashed them into the ground with it.

You can find the entire match, the last of the stream, here at: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/230397874


  1. TaricLover1337

    Absolutely roasted, but fair points, we’ll be back next week stronger

  2. DefinitelyNotPapi

    Papi the harpie is sick! I wish he would get more coverage on his unique and strong picks.

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