To Beat the Unbeaten: The Top 8 Look to Challenge Underwatch’s Superiority

Following a nail-bitingly close 5 weeks of the Swiss tournament; the Campus Clash’s top 8 have finally been decided. With the middle 6 teams all tied for points, this split promises a lot of close games. Will the reigning champions Underwatch (York) continue to dominate or will a challenger rise to beat them? In the run up to the first week of the playoffs, we’re here to give you an analysis of the hopeful teams and a few words from each to their competitors.

The standings going into the playoffs

8. BU Esports (Bournemouth University)

I don’t really know about a statement, but we are undefeated this season against other top 8 teams except for York.


BU narrowly made it in to the playoffs, winning the 8th spot through OMW (Opponent Match Win percentage), being tied points-wise for the spot with a whole 8 other teams. While coming in as the underdogs, BU have an explosive style of play, running triple DPS on some maps with star-player Riz occasionally bringing out the Bastion and Doomfist.

7. Warwick Angels (University of Warwick)

Obviously there are some very good teams in the top 8 but we are keen to keep on pushing for results and see how far we can go.


After a disappointing start to the split, having to forfeit the first week due to a lack of players, Warwick immediately bounced back and won all 8 of their following games in a stunning return to form. While the team failed to make the Winter playoffs, they’re confident in their goats variations but may also have the odd wildcard or two in store for the other teams.

6. TragIC (Imperial College London)

We’ve been scrimming and 6-stacking 25 hours daily since the freshers had their offers confirmed in summer and we’re now almost out of plat so watch out nerds.


The current TragIC roster is the amalgamation of 2 of the strongest teams to play in the tournament; IC9 LUL, grand finalists from Spring 2018 and, of course, last split’s playoff team TragIC. While they’re solid on the meta three-three goats, the team really comes into its own when running one of, if not the, strongest dives in the tournament. Imperial look to reverse last year’s fortunes and avenge narrow losses this split against LU and, of course, Underwatch.

5. Caledonian Chargers (Glasgow Caledonian University)

I don’t think Underwatch are even close to untouchable. If the top 3 in the tournament aren’t us, YEET and Underwatch, something very unexpected has happened.


GCU’s team may of come 56th place in the Winter split, but in reality they’re far from a mid-ranked team. While mentality issues may of impaired their performance back then, the Chargers are back and stronger than ever with their characteristically aggressive and headstrong style of goats. It’s no wonder that GCU has come to stand for Goats Comp Uni.

4. L.U Press Q (Loughborough University)

We are looking forward to going goats at every opportunity.


Having come 3rd place in the Winter tournament, LU are looking to go a step even further and make the finals to challenge rivals Underwatch and YEET. Despite their success, the team remains vigilant, respecting the strength of the other teams and playing to counter each individually. While goats remains strong, LU look forward to switching things up with a mystery hero in the line up which they’re eager to unleash.

3. :french_bread: (University of Leicester)

With the help of Twitch Prime, we managed to pop off.


From the fan-favourite quad dps comp to the….less conventional 6 supports, Leicester aren’t afraid to just turn up on the day, see how the players are feeling, and destroy on whatever heroes they see fit. After a run that was ultimately cut short at the semis last split, French Bread look poised for another strong showing. Only time will tell if their unpredictability will take them to the playoffs.

2. Y E E T (Staffordshire University)

This split we’re out to give them (York) a taste of their own medicine, looking to walk away victorious with our heads held high.


In spite of being dominant throughout most of the Winter tournament, YEET fell at the very last hurdle, narrowly losing to Underwatch in the grand finals. After a sluggish start this split, Staffs were quick to adjust from the mirror matches of Winter to the flexibility of Spring. From the triple dps dive to the coats/snoats (goats with a Mei) comps, Staffordshire look forward to putting their theory crafting to the ultimate test.

1. Underwatch (University of York)

Go goats, I need to win NUEL.


After winning the Winter split as relative underdogs, Underwatch find themselves on the opposite end of spectrum in the coming playoffs. Reigning champions, unbeaten in their 5 weeks of games, Underwatch will need to lean into their unparalleled flexibility to outplay their opponents. Contrary to Spring 2018’s more top heavy focused roster, Underwatch’s hallmark in 2019 is experimentality and they look forward to facing their biggest rivals, Staffordshire, once again.

The prizes offered this year have shown that UK university talent is truly a force to be reckoned with, with more highly skilled individuals joining university teams than ever before. The top 8 teams have never been more stacked and I can’t wait to see the results!

Curio (head admin of the Overwatch Campus clash)

It’s clear that this Spring’s Campus Clash features teams with a diverse range of personalities and styles of play. At this point it’s still very much anyone’s game as we go into the quarter finals. We wish all 8 teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing them compete over the coming weeks.

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