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The UK Representatives – NUEL Winners Take on UEM

NUEL Live is slowly getting closer and closer, so here’s just a quick update on what just one of the things the winners will get after they claim the title of NUEL LoL Champions.

UEM. Or the University Esport Masters. 6 nations. 6 teams. 1 winner. The winner of the NUEL will become the UK representative against representatives from France, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Germany universities.  They’ll battle it out over several days  each game in a live setting on stage to see who will be crowned the king of EU universities. For those looking to enter the professional world of esports, there can be no greater practice than being on stage.

They’re up against history though, as Grey Warwick just last year took home the number two place. Whoever our winners will be, they’ll be up against some stiff competition as even the scouting eyes of the EU LCS Orgs will be watching closely, UOL even made an appearance at the last UEM finals.

Whilst most details have yet to be revealed, it looks to be an amazing event.

But hey, if you want some more hype, I’ll let them explain themselves a little.

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