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The Veterans From Warwick Take On Loughborough’s Upstarts


We have one more week of the regular season to go: the finals of our third split. Week 5 of the GAME National Championship featured quite a shake up of the top teams. First place Aston Aunties went 1-2, second place team UoB TCA Storm went 2-1 and fourth place team Huddersfield White went 0-3 (though they had substitutes). Of the top 4 only Grey Warwick put in a stellar performance, going 3-0 and qualifying for the final.

They will be joined by the other 3-0 team of the week: Loughborough Titans, having taken advantage of the top teams slipping. Both teams have stepped up since their 2015 performances and it promises to be a big clash between two teams with very strong rosters.

Let’s take a look at how they got into this week’s final.

Grey Warwick – University of Warwick

NT princephilip – Top Lane

VGT BenJi – Jungle

The Headcrusher – Mid Lane

MrRogers – Marksman

Nollet – Support

Grey Warwick are a team that have been near the top for a long time, but haven’t quite been at the top before. The team has involved none other than NT princephilip, of NUEL Titans fame, in the top lane for ages but new in 2016 is their Master-tier Jungler, VGT BenJi. In the mid lane is the LeBlanc terror: The Headcrusher and bot lane is MrRogers and Nollet.

They started their week 5 with a win against the Manchester Bunnies before coming up against the team who, in theory, should have been their toughest opponent of the night: UoB TCA Storm. Storm were directly above them in the standings, in second place (as usual). You wouldn’t have known that from how the game played out however. BenJi’s Lee Sin got the mid lane LeBlanc snowball going early and Warwick took a comfortable win from there.

Grey Warwick’s third round matchup was against the UKC Kittens, from the University of Kent. Again Warwick took an early lead, but the Kittens weren’t ready to roll over and die, they kept fighting and a comeback looked possible until the very end. Their nexus fell at 40 minutes. This was the Game of the Week and you can find out more in the weekly recap here.

Loughborough Titans – University of Loughborough

Viktorio – Top Lane

SuperSmash – Jungle

Flavun – Mid Lane

Drifts – Marksman

KronikZzVinny – Support

Not to be confused with the NUEL Titans, the Loughborough Titans were a team that no one (except maybe themselves) expected to be in the final: they weren’t even top 10 in the points table until this week. Like Grey Warwick, the Titans feature two very high ranked players: Master-tier top laner Viktorio and Diamond-1 ranked Drifts as Marksman. The team is rounded out by Flavun mid, SuperSmash jungle and KronikZzVinny support.

Week 5 began with the Titans taking down University of Edinburgh A before taking a gruelling round 2 win over the University of East Anglia Memers. It was a game that took 48 minutes, 2 barons and 5 dragons for the Titans to win and win it they did.

In their final game of the night they faced the team known as the Kranky Krugs who are from the University of Southampton and achieved a comfortable 27 minute win.

Tune in and Watch!

The finals will be streamed in the usual place from 6.45pm on Sunday, on our twitch stream. If you want to see who will come out on top, then be there.

~ Peter ‘Aezure’ Dakin

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