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Top 6 – The Overwatch Campus Clash of Titans

Following a playoff series of countless twists and turns, the final 6 competitors vying for glory have emerged. Will BUSTED dominate the competition once more? Will Underwatch add another notch to their belt of countless past wins? Or will another challenger rise to take the crown from them? As the competition heats up we’re here to give you an analysis of the hopeful teams and a few words from each. University Overwatch has never been better.

The top 6 teams in the Overwatch Campus Clash

Warwick Angels (University of Warwick)

The best part of this NUEL season has been getting to take solace in seeing the best being unseated by new, rising stars.

Tankski (CAPTAIN OF Warwick Angels)

Warwick are known well throughout the university esports scene for their strong performances in all games and the Angels are no exception. Their roster is solid and no-nonsense, adapting to any meta and executing it with brutal efficiency no matter the patch, game mode or map. Tankski’s squad made it all the way to grand finals in the winter only to fall at the final hurdle. Will the past couple months’ scrimming and experience be enough for them to go one step further?

UoB Kronos (University of Birmingham)

We look forward to walling and freezing the remaining top 6 reins as much as possible.

Faz (CAPTAIN OF UoB Kronos)

UoB have had a storied history in university Overwatch. As Zeus they won at finals twice in 2018 before declining in 2019. The current Kronos roster, still featuring a few veterans from Zeus, look to rekindle that past glory and have made a point about doing so in the playoffs thus far. Solid on the meta comps, but not shy about switching onto the Doomfist or the Pharah, Kronos are real contenders for the championship.

Portsmouth Paladins (University of Portsmouth

Morale Victories Only.

IDWBU (CAPTAIN OF Portsmouth Paladins)

Portsmouth has risen to join the top tier of university Overwatch talent this academic year. While the team excels at dive, particularly on Control maps, they aren’t afraid to bust out the occasional Torbjorn. The team made a strong playoff run in the Winter, narrowingly losing out to Underwatch only a couple matches away from finals. With a stacked roster lead by NUEL veteran IDWBU, only time will tell if “Team Golira” can claw their way to the top.

Edinbruh (University of Edinburgh)

If you think you’re good because you play OWL meta comps, just wait till you lose to a Brig.

ploj (CAPTAIN OF Edinbruh)

Edinburgh are another new edition to the very top ranks of university Overwatch this academic year. Having finally put their longstanding rivalry with Watt Wolves to bed, the next prey in Edinbruh’s sights are Warwick Angels who they feel destined to face. Whether it’s Mei-D.va or Lucio-Brigitte the team’s got more than a couple combos up their sleave. Could we finally see a Symmetra in Grand Finals? Edinbruh might just make it happen.

BUsted (Bournemouth University)

There are a few decent teams like Warwick Angels and UoB Kronos but the top 2 teams are clearly us (BUsted) and Underwatch .

Strebor (CAPTAIN OF BUsted)

BUsted dominated the playoffs in Winter, finishing off the season with a whitewash final. BUsted find themselves in the opposite position to Spring last year. While in Spring 2019 the Bournemouth roster were the 8th seed underdogs, in 2020 they’re one of the favourites to win the entire tournament. With star players, Riz and Solace on the Doomfist and Genji and Strebor and Cloud bringing some of the best Lucios in the competition, BUsted have made a strong run so far, and look to take that all the way to grand finals.

Underwatch (University of York)

Goats please come back.


In Spring 2018 they were the steady, solid masters of the quad tank. In Spring 2019 they were the flexible, aggressive dpsers in the midst of the goats meta. Now in 2020, Underwatch look to add to, arguably, the greatest dynasty in university Overwatch. While they lost out in the Winter split, we’ve all seen this happen before, and the York roster’s current playoff dominance suggests another year, another grand final victory.

With such a wide breadth of talent and playstyles, the tournament is shaping up to be one the most competitive yet . We wish all 6 teams the best of luck and look forward to seeing them compete over the coming weeks.

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