Transferring your account to another university

Quick method

If it’s the beginning of the academic year or you know your account is unverified then this is by far the quickest method:

  1. Log into your NUEL account using your previous university email address – if you can’t remember your password then you’re going to have a problem, skip to the “Slower method”
  2. You should see a “Verify your account” box, change the email in that box to your current university email address and press verify
  3. Follow the verification steps and you should return to the site with an updated account as a student of your current university

Slower method

If you can’t remember your NUEL password or have a problem trying to sign in with your previous details, then email our support email with your previous university email address and the In Game Name used on the site, along with your current university email address and we can update it for you. Our support email is issues@thenuel.comĀ 

Please note that we’re in high demand at the start of tournaments so it’s incredibly helpful if you can try the Quicker method first (it’s also a lot quicker for you, as you’re going to have to do the verification process either way so you can cut out the waiting!).

Please don’t try to create a new account, it’s much easier transferring accounts than migrating and deleting them.

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