Verification Issues

There’s a few common issues people are having when trying to verify their accounts, here’s what to do:

Token does not match

Send yourself another verification email by logging in, going to the homepage and clicking “Send Verification Email”. Make sure you click the link in the new email and you should find that works.

Require admin attention

This occurs because we don’t recongise the suffix of your university email address (the, this is generally caused by university’s which has a domain linked to the year (aka, Oxbridge colleges that we don’t yet have in our database or universities that have updated their domains this year (e.g.

We’re periodically going through the list we receive of users who are effected by this and resolving the issue, if you feel like we haven’t dealt with the issue within a couple of hours then feel free to email us.

Not received a verification email

The first thing to do is check your junk/spam folder, we know that sounds obvious but it’s been a common cause so far.

If you’ve not received anything within a few hours then we’ve noticed quite a few emails been rejected by the university’s mail server. This is generally caused by the following:

  • Emails that don’t have the correct suffix, for example you may have entered where you need to use or
  • Using the wrong format of email, some uni’s provide students with multiple email addresses, usually one with a student ID and another with a full name (e.g. or
  • If the above don’t work or apply then it might be that our emails are getting blocked by the university, in this instance please email us a photo of your student ID and we’ll manually verify you

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