[Solved] Verification status

As many of you have found out you may get a run time error when trying to verify your email address, we’ll explain what the problem is below but here’s what you need to do to solve the issue.

Current verification status: online


Down – 17:34 – 18:21 (now resolved)
Down – 18:37 – 18:56 (now resolved)
Down – 22:50 – 23:05 (now resolved)

We’ve implemented a fix that should have resolved this issue, if you’re having an issue verifying then please check this article for solutions.

How to fix

  1. Check the verification status – if it’s online then continue, if it’s down then you’ll need to wait until it’s back online. We’re keeping track of when that is happening, if it gives you piece of mind then feel free to email us at so we know you’re having an issue
  2. Try your verification link again – this should work if the verification system is online, if it doesn’t try step 3
  3. Click “Send Verification Email” again and follow the instruction  – if that doesn’t work, try sending it again, if that doesn’t work then go to step 4
  4. Contact us – email us at with your university email address and IGN (in game name) and we’ll get back to you asap

We’ll keep everyone updated with the verification status through our social media channels, you can follow your favourite here:

Why is this happening

It’s a fairly silly reason, we’ve got hundreds of people registering each day and the email account that sends out verification emails is limited to sending 200 emails per day, that’s not usually a problem but we’re getting a lot more than that many people registering and trying to verifying (which is great). It’s on our list of things to fix as it’s not really been an issue before, but as we keep growing things like this need to be readdressed.

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