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Warwick secures their ticket to NUEL Live Finals!

Last Monday saw the Warwick Stretchyboiz face off against the team from Teesside to decide who would be heading to NUEL Live to try their luck versus the reigning champions: Lancaster University.

The semi-final was a short lived affair with Warwick winning with a convincing 2-0, at one point winning 17 rounds straight across the mirage and train. Despite the best efforts of players like Vegeta and Alsation we will be looking forward to seeing the team from Warwick University play a best of 5 at NUEL Live on the 28th of April.

Mirage began with a close pistol round that promised a good showing from the two teams as Teesside successfully ninja defused on the retake only a second before they were taken down.

Teesside easily convert the following rounds and fend off the Stretchyboiz, playing an aggressive CT side that relied on dry pushes for information and map control. It takes mfx punishing a CT rush up mid and a slick follow up frag to open up the round and bring Warwick into the game.

Teesside are forced to give up their mid control after some missed shots which allows the terrorists to execute onto A, at this point it seems like they’ve forgotten mirage has a B site.

A few rounds and an eco from Assad’s Taxis later Vegeta pushes aggressively top mid and picks up a triple kill, effectively winning the round single handedly for Teesside and ensuring their economy isn’t reset. 

After a lackluster five rounds on the T side Warwick aren’t worried and after picking up the pistol they go on a tear, winning round after round thanks to a mixture of good rotates and sloppy pushes from Teesside. More than a few times they’re forced to rush a site with poor utility or don’t leave enough time to get the frags they need to plant safely.

Warwick make use of the double awp to great effect, picking up the opening kills nearly every round. After Teesside grab the big green gun to respond it’s clear there’s miscommunication in the team because a rush onto the A site renders it useless and there’s no utility to stop the Stretchyboiz from finishing the first map strong with a score of 16-10.

The next map is Train and unfortunately for Teesside they start on the T side of this notoriously Counter Terrorist friendly map. The momentum carries forwards for Warwick and with the pistol loss slips away Teesside’s morale.

Assad’s Taxis are unable to find any foothold in a round until they find themselves in the B site with the bomb down in a 3v1. They’d managed to secure the frags that had eluded them in previous rounds but an insane showing from Fades eliminates the remaining terrorists and any hope that Teesside had of getting back into the game. 

An over-rotate from the Stretchyboiz forces them to save, permitting the terrorists to take one round in favour of money for strong utility which they use to shut down Teesside and their economy in the next round, only losing one man.

A couple of fast and loose rounds pass by and Teesside decide they can’t eco anymore, forcing a buy with the bare minimum utility and a player on both a scout and a pistol. The scout rush is unsurprisingly ineffective, Teesside go 10-1 down and from then on out look completely broken, going for knifes and teamkilling. They manage to pick up a few rounds out of sheer luck and despite an unlikely play from the bizon, the game from here on out is uneventful.

Contrary to their poor showing in this semi-final Teesside have played excellently throughout the tournament and earned their place as one of the best teams to play in this Spring Championship. It seems that Warwick, however, are simply a cut above having only lost to Lancaster this whole season. They’ll face their rivals on LAN later this month in a grueling BO5, tune in on twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/thenuel) or grab a ticket online to make sure you don’t miss it!

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