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Winter 2017/2018 Season Dates Announcement

Start Dates

Greetings all,

We are now able to announce the dates for the start of each of our Winter Split Championships!

For further info read the image below:


We’ll be releasing the full and detailed formats for each game during this week. CSGO & Overwatch will remain largely unchanged with some tweaks. League of Legends will see a format overhaul.

Where’s Hearthstone?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, we’re benching Hearthstone for this term while we rework it and bring it up to the standard of our other tournaments. But keep your hands warm and your decks shuffled, we plan on bringing it back for the Spring split.

Winter Open Tournaments

As some of you may know we run smaller scale one week tournaments for games such as Rocket League. From now on we’ll be branding these as NUEL Open Tournaments (Opens for short). We’re currently working out the logistics of adding PUBG and will definitely be doing Rocket League this term with plans to add more games to the system in Spring.

Riot Swag

We are unsure on an ETA for when this will arrive at your society. We’ve had multiple logistical issues on our end that have caused it to be delayed but we’ll get it with you as soon as possible. For those society’s freshers’ fair we have missed/will miss, you will still be receiving your share of swag and are free to use it for any events you hold. Apologies that this is not ideal and we will do better in future.

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