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Announcing the NUEL Live 2019 talent

The annual live event returns to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere with grand finals in CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone and League of Legends across the first weekend of May. Each final will be casted and streamed to twitch.tv/thenuel. Keep reading to find out who your casters will be!

Counter Strike: Global Offensive University Championship

Connery Maddick – Raptros
A student at Derby University and Senior Caster at the NUEL, Raptros has been following these teams throughout Winter and Spring.

Benjamin Hodge McKenna – Protalis22
Protalis22 joined the NUEL as a caster at the start of the Spring split. He has also written weekly round-up articles on the NUEL blog.

Overwatch Campus Clash

Phillip Moxley – BiggHungryPhill
A Noise and Vibration Consultant by day and Overwatch caster by night, Phill joined the NUEL at the start of Spring split. He also casts Belong Arena Clash and Open Division.

Maurits Meeusen – Chronicler
Chronicler is a Law graduate and Benelux caster. He joined the NUEL for our Summer 2018 split and has also casted for LVP, Belong and ESL.

Hearthstone Campus Clash

OIiver Payne – OliShouts
A mainstay of the university esports scene, Oli is a well-known caster and President of Keele Esports. He studies Computer Science at Keele University.

David Chee – SirSalty
SirSalty is a professional Hearthstone player and streamer. As well as casting for the Hearthstone Campus Clash, he is part of the NUEL student streamer network.

League of Legends University Series

Stan Barker – Greyhart
Greyhart joined the NUEL broadcast team in Winter split. When he’s not casting in sharp suits with pocketwatches, Greyhart is a full-time tennis coach.

Rick Sharples – S A G A
S A G A is a Games Design graduate from the University of Salford and has been casting with the NUEL since Summer 2018. He keeps hamsters.

You can catch all the action IRL at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere on 3-5 May – tickets are available for free here. Finals will also be streamed to twitch.tv/thenuel.

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