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Building a NUEL CS:GO Super Team

By Benjamin Hodge Mckenna
This Friday we’ll see Swansea Storm Green go head to head with the Lancaster Quackheads at the NUEL live finals in the Red Bull Gaming Sphere. Before then let’s not discuss pre-match predictions but instead focus on a new unique concept. Let’s build the ultimate University CS:GO line-up. The rule still applies where all players must be currently studying at a UK university. The pool of candidates will be the teams that qualified for the spring 2019 varsity season. If there are any players you feel deserve a mention let us know alongside your ultimate NUEL roster.

Firstly, we should discuss who would captain the roster. While Swansea IGL Fettis has done a great job driving his team to the finals, he stated in an interview that other players often take over calling on specific maps so he misses out from my draft here. The top 2 choices for this role appear to be Warwick’s captain m_fx or Lancaster’s leader Tobz. Both candidates have won previous seasons of the NUEL and should Lancaster win in may then both captains will be tied on 3 victories each. In terms of in-game performance, m_fx has the higher ADR across this split at 80.5 compared to Tobz’ 76.5. This means that m_fx is having more impact on the overall kills that his team is getting. Tobz is also the primary awper for his roster. This generally can be an issue with certain rosters as if the strain of leadership becomes too much in high-pressure situations, then the individual performance of the captain can suffer. Should that happen then the roster would lose one of its most important components in the form of the primary awper. As a result, I pick m_fx for this slot as it allows us to find a separate highly skilled awper.

With that said, let’s look at who could awp for our star roster. Looking at the numbers it appears that our top 3 candidates here are Lancaster’s Tobz, Warwick’s Jacob and Oxford Brookes’ JohnnyVelele. Each of these players comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. Statistically speaking, Jacob is the most consistent awper available. He has the highest number of awp kills per map at 11.5, for reference no other player in the varsity tournament has managed to reach 10 awp kills per map. However, Jacob’s ADR and overall kills per map fall behind our other candidates with 69 ADR and 18.6 kills per map. Alternatively, both Tobz and JohnnyVelele have 76 ADR across the maps that they’ve played but JohnnyVelele edges out Tobz’s kills per map by having 23.6 to Tobz’s 21. When you combine this with JohnnyVelele’s explosive potential that we saw in his intense series against Swansea Storm Green I think that he edges out the competition here and earns his spot as the primary awper for our roster.

Now, before we look for our two high fragging riflers, let’s find a good support player who’s handy with utility. A variety of factors come in to play here, I’ve looked at how effective their flashbangs have been this season in combination with their accuracy. Here it looks like our options are Yura from Oxford Brookes Vipers, m_fx from Warwick and Enigma from Lancaster. The stat we’ll be using to determine flash effectiveness is ‘Enemy Flash Duration’ this statistic is the number of total seconds enemies are blinded by flashbangs that this player has thrown per map. Enigma has a 53s flash duration and a 40% headshot rating. Unfortunately for him, this puts him at the bottom of our candidate pool here. The big decision lies between yura and m_fx. m_fx has a 62s flash duration and a 45% headshot rating, yura has a slightly lower 58s flash duration but has a higher headshot rating at 56%. However, we already have m_fx in our roster as our IGL so yura becomes the ultimate choice due to his high headshot % and strong flash duration.

So, we have m_fx as Team Captain, JonnyVelele as Primary Awper and Yura as our supporting player. It’s time to pick our two big heavy hitting players. In this category, we are looking for raw fragging power and individual aim. Our first choice here has to be eNzoo from Swansea. This player is currently the statistically best player in our Varsity CS:GO division. He has the most average kills at 24.5 per map and currently has a monstrous 94.4 ADR per map (No other varsity player has reached 90 ADR). Additionally, he’s guaranteed to get at least one 3 kill round per map and he’s responsible for the NUEL’s most viewed twitch clip. The second choice becomes slightly more difficult. I’ve narrowed it down to exit from Lancaster, Fades from Warwick and Ric0 from Bath. Ric0 narrowly misses out on the final discussion here despite a commendable average 81 ADR and 21 kills per map. The real competition here lies between Fades and Exit. Exit has the higher ADR with 89.9, he also has averages 22.8 kills per map. Fades edges out this stat with 23 average kills per map but has slightly less ADR at 86.1. Here, I’ve used Headshot % as the deciding factor and with that in mind Fades just beats Exit to the post with a 52% headshot rating compared to Exit’s 36%. I used this as a decider due to headshot potential being potentially life-saving to a rifler in a dire situation.

Well, there we have it. I’ve built my NUEL CS:GO Super Team here’s the full roster below:
· M_fx (IGL)
· JohnnyVelele (Primary Awp)
· Yura (Supporting Rifler)
· eNzoo(Hybrid Awper)
· Fades(Fragging Rifler)
Do you disagree or have a dream team of your own? Let us know on twitter @theNUEL

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