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Summer 2020 Tournament Rule Changes

Looking to get an update on what rules are changed in your favourite tournaments? Look no further, we have you covered in this handy change log!

Legends of Runeterra

Players must submit 1 deck and 1 side board (a deck of 15 cards that players can swap in and out of their main deck) on the day of the tournament before the check-in closes.


Adjustments to map pool:

  • Control: Oasis / Nepal / Lijiang Tower
  • Assault: Temple of Anubis / Hanamura / Volskaya Industries
  • Hybrid: Eichenwalde / Hollywood / Blizzard World
  • Escort: Watchpoint: Gibraltar / Route 66 / Junkertown

Teamfight Tactics

Points distribution per game has changed to:

  • 1st=10pts
  • 2nd=8pts
  • 3rd=7pts
  • 4th=6pts
  • 5th=4pts
  • 6th=3pts
  • 7th=2pts
  • 8th=1pt

Clash Royale

Once check-in closes all participants will vote on which cards to ban. After voting the top 3 cards will be banned from the tournament.

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Added turning off reverse friendly fire to rules
  • Maps: Removed Bank and Border, added Theme Park and Oregon
  • Whitelisted cosmetics rather than banned:
    • Pilot Program 1&2 skins
    • Pro League Gold Sets
    • Default skins
  • Added reveal phase timer set to 5
  • Ace and Melusi banned, Echo temp banned, all other operators allowed

For a full list of all rules, please check the respective rules documents found on the tournament pages at theNUEL.com

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